Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Glamour says make room in your toy box for the Vr10.5 gives you the inside scoop on the new Vr10.5

"The Jopen Vanity Vr 10.5 will give all the other toys you own a run for their money. And considering its the most expensive sex one I've ever encountered ($229.99!), it better!

A lovely shade of purple, this vibrator has everything you need in an erotic toy. It's made of a premium silicone that retains body heat, feels as soft as satin, and comes with a rechargeable base so it wont konk out on you mid-session. The vibrator has two mechanisms for stimulation and five speeds of intensity—both controlled by simply pushing one of the two buttons. Plus, it's water resistant and has a travel lock (a necessary feature these days).

I have to say the dual action is pretty flippin' amazing. I much prefer the Vanity's rotating shaft over a vibrating one and, unlike most toys I've used, it's ergonomically designed to be comfortable—which is way harder to find than you might think."

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  1. Seems taht it has great caracheristics, and the color, yes the color is pretty nice. I'm sure it will become very popular among women.
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