Friday, April 13, 2012

Vanity Vr9 reviewed

The sexual health focused company Holistic Wisdom reviews the Vantiy Vr9. 
"This vibrating dildo is powerful and quiet with dual motors that operate independently of one another. Silicone is of course unscented, latex free, nonporous, phthalate free and hypoallergenic so it is one of the most pure sex toys around.


Customer Review

The Vanity Vr9 by Jopen is really my first exceptional sex toy. I know understand why they are more expensive as you really do get what you pay for. My cheaper sex toys are nothing when it comes to the power, performance and options of this product. The small end of the vibrator has a lighter motor than the base. When the small end is going it is mainly felt in the tip. Whereas, when the large end is going it has a deeper throbbing vibration that can be felt through the entire shaft. Both ends worked really well at stimulating by gspot and clitoris. I am sure it would also be fantastic as an anal vibrator as well. The vibrations are very quiet and if under the covers you cannot hear them from a few feet away. I was very impressed by the smooth silicone, the soft feel was like velvet and I liked that it would bend a little but was still nice and firm for thrusting. The battery held a charge well and had no noticeable decrease in power throughout my use. I was able to use it in the shower and bath with no problems. I was also impressed with the packaging and the storage pouch it came with as no detail was overlooked with this wonderful sex toy.

Kerry - Laguna Niguel, CA"

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