Friday, April 20, 2012

A New Generation from Jopen

With each spring comes new life, energy and green growth.
- Jason F. Wright

Spring is a time of growth and renewal.   From winter's dormant state, nature comes alive with vibrant colors in the Spring.  New flowers signify the end of winter and the beginning of a new season with unlimited potential.  Here at Jopen, we are also welcoming a new generation!  This month, four new pleasure products are being added to the Vanity Collection.

Like vibrant spring flowers, the new Second Generation Point-Five Series will awaken your senses with a lively shade of purple called  "Vanity Fuchsia." Each of the new items has the exciting features that you have come to expect from the Vanity Collection.  They are rechargeable and can be completely charged in just four hours.  With independent dual motors in the stimulator and the tip, as well as independent intense incremental speed controls, they are exceptionally powerful, yet whisper-quiet.  Their satiny finish is virtually seamless and they are made of premium silicone, which retains body heat.  Since these are premium, luxury products -- a true investment in pleasure -- you also get a one year warranty plus an optional ten year replacement guarantee.  

Each new addition to the Vanity Collection is unique and inspiring.  Designed by women for women, the items are shaped for the intimate contours of a woman’s body.  The Vr4.5, Vr5.5 and Vr6.5 were all designed to have a more flexible stimulator.  Since our bodies are different, the key to selecting the best pleasure product is to determine which design will offer the greatest comfort and stimulation, based on your unique preferences.

The Vr4.5 offers a flickering clitoral stimulator, which provides exceptional stimulation.  If you have never tried a pleasure product that offers powerful internal and external vibrations, this may just be the perfect fit for you!

The Vr5.5 has a very flexible stimulator, so if you have used a dual motor toy, but you felt that the stimulator never seems to be in the right place, this may be a good choice.  Designed to be extra flexible, the Vr5.5 can be positioned for the best fit.

The Vr6.5 also has a flexible stimulator, but it is naturally positioned for the "tightest fit" so the stimulator is positioned for greater clitoral contact.  If you don't want to hold a stimulator in place or push it down for closer contact, this may be a good choice because it can offer maximum contact on its own due to its unique design.

If you prefer a "rabbit style" toy, and you want a more petite product, try the Vr10.5. Its unique design resulted from consumer feedback.  This sleeker, thinner shaft was crafted with a woman’s specific needs in mind.  The flexible, rotating shaft and dual flickering bunny ticklers make this a must-have rabbit-style design.

The Second Generation Point-Five Series offers four unique designs with something for everyone.  What a fantastic way to celebrate the newness and energy of Spring!


  1. Yes, i love the vr5 and the vr7 by Jopen. Especially Fleur in the middle here.

  2. When you say "sleeker, thinner shaft," can be be specific as to how thin?

  3. Hi Scott. Each new Vanity is different. You can check online at to see each product & the specific measurements.