Monday, April 9, 2012

DIYOrgasms reviews the Intensity

We love reviews from DIY Orgasms because you get both sides of the story, her experience and his experience. It is always nice to see what both people involved have to say. 

"The Jopen Intensity is probably more feature packed then any other sex toy in our collection Not only that the toy also inflates for a fuller feeling and has rabbit ears for orgasms that seem to go on and on"

Rox’s Experience
“I will admit, i had never used electro-stimulation before so when we received the Intensity by Jopen I was quite nervous about using it. I have used a tens machine before and couldn’t imagine that sort of sensation inside me...

Taking it slow with the electro-stimulation is important we have found as I cannot go straight to setting 3 (my golden setting) Once I use setting 2 for a while I’m then able to get to setting three and it feels comfortable. Setting three is good for me so far and is one of the strangest sensations I’ve had with a sex toy.

The orgasms I feel with the Intensity are not stronger than usual but they do seem to last longer as with each pulse of the electro-stimulation it seems to peak again and continue until I turn the toy off. This is great as with the Intensity I can have orgasm after orgasm as long as my body can cope with them.

After I used the electro part the first couple of times, I could tell my pelvic muscles had a good workout as I was so achy! I can certainly tell the Jopen Intensity exercises my pelvic floor muscles.”

Steve's Experience of the Jopen IntensitySteve’s Experience
“It’s quite a sight Rox orgasming with this toy as it seems to continue until she chooses to turn it off.”

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