Friday, December 21, 2012

Sexinfo101 reviews the Vanity Vr10.5

Sexinfo101, your resource for sex tips and dating advice, reviewed the Vanity by JOPEN Vr10.5
"Whisper quiet, sophisticated and made of body safe silicone, this rechargeable rabbit style vibrator is ultra-luxe indeed!"
 The review goes over materials, usage, packaging and cleaning. It also give a critique:
"Love it, love it ... and love it! Taking recharge-ability to the utmost level of ease (not to mention beautiful showcasing in its charging cradle) this rabbit style vibe delivers highly satisfying stimulation that is intuitive and easy to control. There are no off-putting smells, no mid-play breakdowns - and no more batteries. The website provides plenty of information, support and warranty information - and allows you to browse all of the other creatively inspired sister products like the innovative Jopen Intensity vibe."
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

If all you want for Christmas is sexual wellness and a healthy body then Intensity is for you. 
Available from fine online & local retailers worldwide.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Show Your Love with KEY by JOPEN

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.
Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur
During the holiday season e think of those who are most important to us and show our love and appreciation through the tradition of exchanging gifts.  You may remember the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning, eager to see all of the goodies that Santa had placed under your Christmas tree.  Or perhaps you celebrated Chanukah and excitedly opened one gift each night for eight nights.

Whichever holiday you celebrated, you probably remember the feeling of getting something that you truly enjoyed.  As children it was easy to shriek with joy over a small toy – or even the box it came in, which was sometimes enjoyed even more than the toy!  However, as adults, we have become far more discerning and it’s much more challenging to find something special for our significant other.

Do you have to spend a lot of money to find the perfect gift for the one you love?  Last year, The Telegraph reported that one in five people went into debt to fund Christmas shopping.  Not a great way to start the New Year! But does an exciting, luxurious gift have to be expensive?

At JOPEN we believe that affordable luxury is the perfect choice for your holiday shopping.  With the recent launch of the KEY collection, you can give that special someone a high quality JOPEN pleasure product at a price that won't break the bank!

The entire KEY collection combines beauty, function, and innovation.  A revolutionary two-color injection process is used to achieve KEY's signature glass-like effect.  Each item in the collection is made with premium, body safe, Japanese Shin-Etsu silicone with virtually no visible parting line and adorned with a stainless alloy emblem of quality.

 With 14 amazing designs, you will certainly find the perfect gift for the special lady in your life! And of course, you may also want to add a couple of these incredible products to your own list so your lover knows exactly what to get for you this Christmas!
Here are some amazing gift ideas that will communicate love and joy this holiday season:
  • Let KEY's powerful and irresistible Pyxis Finger Massager guide you to new heights of ecstasy.  This elegant finger vibe is designed to explore. With an innovative, ergonomic shape, and five patterns of powerful vibrations, this product is great for solo or couple's play. Made of flexible, body safe silicone, it is waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a soft, lint free carrying pouch for an elegant presentation. 
  • With five textured body safe sleeves to choose from, the Charms Petite Massager is sure to put a twinkle in your eye this holiday season.  Choose from Plush, Velvet, Lace, Silk, or Curve.  This versatile bullet is perfect for beginners, couple's play, or pleasure on the go! It offers five patterns of powerful vibrations, uses one AA battery, and is waterproof.
  • A classic vibrator, KEY's Ceres is softly dressed in silicone as smooth as a petal's touch.  Its curves are sure to captivate you with seven powerful patterns of powerful vibrations.  There are three elegant varieties: Ceres Original has a smooth design; Ceres Lace has a patterned, textured design; and Ceres G-Spot has a curved design with a thicker tip. Each is waterproof with a sophisticated glass-like effect.  The designer controller has an easy to operate stainless alloy push button at the bottom.
  • The Comet G-Spot Wand is KEY's signature G-Spot wand. It is weighted and curved for amazing G-Spot stimulation. This innovative and sensually curved wand has an ergonomic shape that is just what you need for unparalleled pleasure. It has a high-impact hardened glass handle, and covered in luxurious KEY is branded with the stainless alloy KEY emblem of quality. It comes with a soft luxury lint-free storage bag and a one year warranty.
We hope you have some great suggestions for your holiday shopping! To learn more about these and other items in the KEY collection visit
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stroke His EGO This Holiday

EGO is the must-have men’s toy from JOPEN.  It makes the perfect sexy gift for that special man in your life.

The EGO Collection includes the e1, e2, e3 and e4.  The first three are rings.  The e1 and e2 are the same design, with e2 made for men with larger girth.  The e3 has scallops for extra sensations.  The e4 is a prostate massager in a classic shape.  Made to target the elusive “P-Spot”, it is large enough for experienced users, yet sized-right for beginners.

Make him Jolly, give him an EGO by JOPEN this holiday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Intensity Insider Winner Announced

Congratulations to our Intensity winner, J.B. from Illinois.

Be sure to stay connected with us. We have some exciting things coming up and want to share it with you.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff Your Stocking with KEY by JOPEN

It’s time to stuff your stockings with gotta-have toys from KEY by JOPEN.

Pyxis, Charms, Nyx, Io, Ceres, Vela, and Santa’s favorite—Comet—are perfect for the season of giving.  Better than a Wham-O knife set and more popular than an ugly sweater, KEY is affordable luxury that people crave for Christmas.

Available online or at fine retail locations.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Your Chance to Win a Free Intensity

We wants to remind you that we are giving away a FREE Intensity on December 12th.. If you are an Intensity Insider you are already registered to win.  Intensity retails for $249.99…and one could soon be yours for free!

If you’d like to take part in this exciting opportunity, please become an Intensity Insider by signing up today.

Learn all about Intensity online or check out our testimonial video from a real Intensity user.  Find out why Intensity is truly intense!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fits Like a Glove

Midnight Boudoir takes a very detailed approach to her reviews. Check out a little of what she had to say about the VR6.5:

"I didn't think I would like it as much as I did when I first saw how small it was as Im a bit of a size queen and usually enjoy more girthy, longer toys, but this is so brilliantly designed it fits me like a glove inside; giving that gloriously full feeling for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time...Im in heaven.

Its smooth surface and easy to hold base makes using this rabbit one of the easiest toys you will ever own with only 2 buttons to control the speeds and intensity of both motors. The extra long clitoral arm gives you more pressure against the clit than any other rabbit I have ever tried, no more having to pull and holding it against you till you reach orgasm, if I need the extra I simply bring my thighs together. I cant however guarantee it will fit everyone anatomically but if other bunnies have not done it for you then its definitely worth giving this a go; as its such a unique shape to the average bunny.

Its small and discreet making this a great travel toy which has the extra precaution of being able to lock it to prevent any embarrassing situations. Its luxurious silky, soft pink silicone is unthreatening with beautifully feminine curves just like us. Because of its filling shape it hits my G-spot perfectly and I can use it completely hands-free leaving me free to play with other things....! Its the mighty atom of bunnies and will be joining my silicone warren as I have to say its now one of my favorite rabbits." 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Gift of Pleasure

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.
–Kahlil Gibran

Thanksgiving is a holiday when we express gratitude and celebrate.  This is the time of the year when people reflect on their experiences and feel grateful for the good things in their lives.  Sometimes, when times are tough, people have a hard time focusing on the positive.  Research has shown that regardless of situation, people who experience gratitude on a regular basis also experience more happiness.  So whether you had a terrific year or a terrible one, feeling grateful can help you feel happier.

Many people focus on great accomplishments or visible measures of success when they think of the things that make them happy, so you may be surprised to learn that there are much simpler ways to feel content. In fact, researchers from the University of Canterbury have found that pleasure, meaning, and engagement are vital components of overall happiness and not surprisingly, sex scored the highest on all three scales!

So, when you’re expressing gratitude this Thanksgiving, don't forget to feel grateful for all of the ways you enjoy pleasure.  Most of us were not taught to embrace our sexuality, so the idea that each of us is entitled to sexual pleasure may be a new concept for you. Some people say they are embracing their sexuality, but then introduce a lot of "if's" like "I would enjoy sex more if I were in better shape" or "I would enjoy sex more if I had a different lover."  Enjoying more pleasure doesn’t have to do with how you look or whether or not you have the perfect partner; it has to do with giving yourself permission to experience pleasure and getting the information you need to have the best experience.

This Thanksgiving, be grateful for the gift of pleasure and all of the different ways our bodies can experience sensual stimulation.  Give yourself permission to fully enjoy your sexuality and explore new experiences.  Indulge your senses with Vr15, Vr16, or Vr17, the new forms from Vanity by Jopen. Although each has a unique design, they all have amazing features that help create an extraordinary experience.

These dual motor toys have a vibrating teaser as well as a vibrating shaft, which offers so many possibilities for pleasure.  They are all rechargeable and can be completely charged in three hours so say good-bye to batteries!  With an instant on/off function and independent intense incremental speed controls they are not only very powerful, but easy to operate. Unlike many dual motor toys that have a control panel and battery door, these toys are completely waterproof, which means they can be used in the pool, spa or shower.  Like the other Vanity products, they are made of premium Silicone which retains body heat, and they are whisper quiet.

You may wonder which unique design is the best fit for you.  They have similar shafts, but each has a uniquely designed vibrating teaser. Vr15 has a vibrating teaser with the smallest tip, while Vr17 has a vibrating teaser with a larger tip and Vr16 has a more traditional "rabbit style" teaser. You may want to choose a design you have enjoyed before, or experience something entirely new, It's up to you!

We hope you will embrace your sexuality and experience gratitude and pleasure this Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vr9- The Magical Wand

The Dinah Project  agrees that the Vr9 is a very intriguing sex toy. It has a lot of features that make it very unique. Check out a little of what they had to say about it:

  •  Double-sided vibrator
  •  Designed for clitoral or vaginal stimulation
  •  Covered with high-grade silicone with satin finish
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Flexible neck
  •  Two independent motors
  •  Incremental speed control
  •  Comes in fuchsia
  •   Length: 225mm (10”)
  •  Waterproof
  •  Rechargeable motor (charger included)
  •  Works for 2 hours when fully charged
  •  LED lights up when charging
  •  Comes with a black satin travel bag
  •  Travel lock
  •  Charger suited to 100-240V
  •  Part of Jopen’s exclusive collection
  •  Offers variety of penetration options
  •  Can be used by women with very narrow preference or need
  •  Agile neck but not floppy
  •  Shaped for easy G-spot access
  •  Great access to cervix area
  •  Extremely quiet
  •  Wide range of speeds
  •  Can be extremely powerful
  •  Practically seamless
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Phthalate-free silicone is enduring and safe for internal and direct use
  •  Very comfortable to hold
  •  Packaging is clean and discreet"
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Love Affair with the Vr12 loves JOPEN and so do its customers. Check out what one loyal fan had to say:

"I really enjoyed the larger shaft of the Vr12 Jopen dual action dildo. The clitoral bunny vibrator is also outstanding in that it is a nice size - about 2 3/4" long and flexible that rests perfectly on my clitoris for pinpoint flickering and outstanding stimulation. The rounded bottom of the Jopen Vr12 is easy to hold on to for thrusting and to change the settings. The clitoral vibration is very intense for me, and even on low settings I found it to be truly difficult not to orgasm. It is the only rabbit vibrator that I would recommend as the others I have purchased from other stores have been cheap and not worth my time an money. I can see my Vr12 and I having a very long lasting love affair!"

Please visit for more details on the Vr12 and many other JOPEN products.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Perfect 10.5

Our friend at The Dinah Project has reviewed a ton of rabbit vibes and the Vanity Vr10.5 is on the top of that list!

"If 10 is a perfect score, no wonder this is a 10.5! This is one sleek package with a remarkable number of features and capacities.

The Vr10.5 is a superstar, from a top-class family. It boasts the custom fuchsia boldness of the Jopen Vanity range, with the unique design that each individual member of the series brings.

The prettiest feature of all is the lily-shaped base that stands the vibrator, protects it and recharges it, when plugged in. When not being used as a charger, the stand has no cords that get in the way. It is simply a design delight ...


  •  Dual-action, rabbit-like vibrator
  •  Designed for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation
  •  Covered with high-grade silicone with satin finish
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Independent motors
  •  Incremental speed control
  •  Fuchsia-coloured
  •  Length (out of charger seat) : 132.5mm (5.25”)
  •  Water-resistant
  •  Rechargeable motor (charger included)
  •  Charger suited to 100-240V
  •  Part of Jopen’s exclusive collection"
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

The Vr4.5 gives you double the pleasure, deep penetration as well as incredible clitoral stimulation. Our friend from The Dinah Project breaks down the features and benefits of this product:

  •  Dual-action, rabbit-like vibrator
  •  Designed for simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation
  •  Covered with high-grade silicone with satin finish
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Independent motors
  •  Incremental speed control
  •  Fuchsia-coloured
  •  Full length: 177.5mm (7”)
  •  Water-resistant
  •  Includes a black satin bag for discreet storage
  •  Rechargeable motor (charger included)
  •  Charger suited to 100-240V
  •  Part of Jopen’s exclusive collection
  •  Beautiful design
  •  Super flexible
  •  Contours provide great stimulation variety
  •  Extremely quiet
  •  Wide range of speeds
  •  Can be extremely powerful
  •  Practically seamless
  •  Easy to clean
  •  Phthalate-free silicone is enduring and safe for internal and direct use
  •  Slim tip for extra clitoral sensation
  •  Packaging is clean and discreet"
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