Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Must Haves

Sunny Megatron gives us her top for picks for Mother's Day!
Whether you are a mother yourself or the special honey in your life is a hard working mom, the perfect Mother’s Day gift might just be a vibrating gift that keeps on giving. My favorite pick? Luxury toys from Jopen.
Jopen toys are awesome for moms looking to get in a little “me time.” They are waterproof which is essential for those extra long showers. Whisper quiet-- a necessity when living in close proximity to little ears. Lastly, Jopen is one of the few luxury toy brands that offers an easy-off mechanism. No more holding down the power button for four eternally long seconds when you suddenly hear the pitter-patter of little feet outside your bedroom door. One quick press of the button shuts the toy off before your little sweethearts unexpectedly come bursting in.
Here are my Favorite Four Mother’s Day Gift Picks from Jopen:
This is an incredibly powerful external vibrator that has quickly become a favorite. I love it so much, I dedicated a youtube video to it!
2. Key by Jopen Comet II
I have long been a huge fan of the original Comet. The original Comet is a hand held toy that has, in my and many other sex educators opinion, the best type of shape for g-spot play. Jopen recently upped the ante with this improved version that now vibrates. It has that same classic curve but the added vibrations make it versatile enough to use as a tool to induce female ejaculation, for vibrating g-spot play, or as an external vibrator.
3. Envy by Jopen Seven
One of the things I love about Jopen products is that their vibrations are incredibly strong. The Envy Seven takes strong to a whole new level! It features two independently controlled motors, one in the shaft and the other in the clitoral arm. Similar to a “rabbit” style vibrator, the Seven blows me away every time. Also, because it’s so powerful, it tends to blow me away very quickly which can be a good thing. Time is precious for busy mothers!
4. Ego by Jopen e3
As a mom, not only is alone time difficult to come by, finding couples time is even more challenging. Although my picks so far can be used alone or by couples, this next one was made specifically with connected couples play in mind. The Ego E3 is powerful vibrating penis ring worn during intercourse and designed to give pleasure to both people wearing it. I love using vibrating penis rings with my partner because not only does it feel incredible for both of us, it adds a little something new without great effort or imagination on either of our parts. Being we’re both tired parents, we welcome anything that helps in the creativity department!
You know one of the best things about all of these products is? None of them require batteries. This is a godsend for busy, frazzled moms. Just recharge via wall outlet or USB and the toy is ready to rock. As always, all Jopen products are made from hypoallergenic, non-porous, silky smooth premium silicone which is essential for keeping mom’s body happy and healthy.  
Although Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to give the gift of ultimate relaxation, it’s definitely not the only time when it’s appreciated. Mothering is a tough, 365 day a year, 24 hour a day job. Sometimes the special partner in your life who is a mom needs to take a quick *wink* nap or a *cough cough* really long shower simply because it’s been a particularly difficult Tuesday. Tools that make those “naps” and “long showers” even more rewarding are a blessing no matter what day of the year it is.
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