Monday, July 29, 2013

Review: Key by JOPEN Nyx

This reviewer loves the Key by JOPEN Nyx!
Overall I really like this vibrator, I like the fact that it takes good powerful batteries that are easy to get hold of, its very quiet and doesn’t even have any noticeable battery rattle, its easy to operate and easy to clean. I love it…
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Friday, July 26, 2013

My Rabbit Suprise

This reviewer found her new favorite rabbit vibe in the Vanity Vr12!

Rabbit Vibrators are a great choice for solo play. Dual stimulation, they are all the rave for those who like fast and hard orgasms. Unfortunately, most of the rabbit vibes that I've tried just don't fit my anatomy. Being let down a few times, I gave up on finding one that could get the job done for me. That's until I discovered Jopen's Vanity Vr-12
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Ceres Will Blow Your Mind

The sex toy & adult product reviewer at Boobaloo's review loved the Ceres Lace.
I personally really liked the constant high vibration of this toy, when used internally it is more than powerful enough to blow your mind, and that texture from the pattern on the silicone has to have its own special mention.
 I have never tried or seen a toy that is textured in quite the same way as this one. It has raised silicone criss crosses all the way around and it shaped to be slightly larger and more bulbous towards the head. These criss crosses feel like nothing I have ever used, I have tried textured toys in the past and you can always sort of feel a difference but its not big enough to have it make a real difference to the toy, these ribs though they feel really good. In fact turn the vibrations off, forget that it vibrates for a minute and just use it as a dildo and then you will really feel just how good these ribs are.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Intensity- It Really Works

We were contacted recently by a very satisfied customer and just had to share her story:
I have to tell you/share with you something that made me smile. I am in physio to deal with my lack of strength in my pelvic floor muscles. I have gone twice now to physio, appointments about 1 month apart. I have used my Intensity about 6 times now, and my physio therapist said, I don't know what your doing, but keep doing it, I can feel a difference. So there, it does work, and I can't wait to go home and use it again tonight. Even my boy friend who doesn't know, said honey you seem different down there, and in a good way!! Just wanted to provide you some positive feedback!! Thanks
- Coleen D.
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Coment is Highly Recommended

Our friends from Erotic Scribes highly recommend the Comet!
Upon picking it up, I was impressed with the nice feel of the silicone handle (it’s actually made from Sin-Etsu silicone, a brand that’s used in healthcare and aerospace), as well as the very elegant design lines and weight balance.  So, off to work I went!

As it is a glass wand, I didn’t use any lubricant and this guy slide right in with absolutely no drag, and due to the well thought out and tested design, almost instantly found it’s natural position to rest against my often illusive G-Spot.  My most positive experience was that as it is not a vibrating gadget with complex controls, I had the almost Luddite thrill of a “no tech” ride on my G-Spot that did the trick very quickly and left me feeling breathlessly in control of the entire operation!
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