Friday, January 31, 2014

Key by JOPEN Ceres Original Vibrator Review

The reviewer at knows her stuff. See what she had to say about the Key by JOPEN Ceres Original.

Overall, the Key Ceres Original vibrator is surprisingly impressive. The vibrations are strong and rumbly (though they could always use a bit of a power boost), and the shape and design of the vibrator lends itself well to both internal and external stimulation. It’s easy to control this silicone vibrator, and the batteries go in and out really well. The silicone feels so luxurious and perfect against the skin, and the rigid design works so well for transferring the vibrations. Really, aside from a slight boost in power that I’d like to see, there’s nothing stopping me from fully endorsing this one. If you think it’s for you, I definitely say you should go for it. 
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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Best Standard Style Vibrator

Our Friend at knows her stuff when it comes to vibrators and she thinks the Vela is the best standard vibe she has!

I love this Vela, its the best standard style vibrator/massager I have, the vibrations are sensuously rumbly with some extra kick...yesss! Most normal vibes are fairly slim in girth so I was excited to try the Vela because it has a perfect girth for me. I love toys from 1.70 - 2.0 inches wide and this feels amazing.

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