Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Love With Jopen

Sometimes we make love with our eyes.
Sometimes we make love with our hands.
Sometimes we make love with our bodies.
Always we make love with our hearts.
-Author Unknown

Valentine's Day is a time when we celebrate love and  lovers. It is when people are reminded of the value of a healthy and happy intimate relationship. It is also one of the biggest gift giving holidays of the year!  In fact, it is estimated that each American consumer spends about $126 for Valentine's Day and total spending for the day is close to $17.6 billion.

Did you have a memorable Valentine's Day?  Were you part of the one third of people, who rely on traditional gifts like candy and flowers?  Or, were you among the third who spent an evening out with your lover?   Perhaps you were part of the 20% who opted for a more luxurious gift, like jewelry?

If candy, flowers and jewelry did not have the lasting impact on your love life that you or your partner had hoped, and you want the Valentine's Day spirit to continue past February 14th, you may want to explore some fantastic items that embody beauty, passion and romance.  You don't need the excuse of a holiday to give the gift of passion and pleasure!

The Vanity line of products is not only elegant, sensual and sexy, but powerful and made from the highest quality silicone available. If you have never used pleasure products before, why not start out with the best?  We love silicone because of its smooth feel and the fact that it is a nonporous material that doesn't harbor bacteria.  If you have already been introduced to toys, then you know how these items are anything but typical!  Find an appealing style, perhaps a shape that you have enjoyed in the past, and know that you are getting all of the best features available: 100% Silicone, Rechargeable, Whisper Quiet, 100% Waterproof with a One Year Warranty.

From the Vr12, that is an upscale, luxurious version of the traditional "rabbit style" toy to the Vr1 that offers a sophisticated new design with hi-tech "squeeze me" technology, there is definitely something for everyone!

We hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day and you are making 2012 a pleasurable year!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jopen gives cancer the finger!

Earlier this Month we sponsored an event with Bare Naked Bake Sale. BNakedB merges activism and the arts with the naked form to create photo galleries of men and women who bare all, or bare some, of their bodies.  The body-positive nude photos are used to raise money for charities, art projects, and causes.

BNakedB has another campaign going on. It is "Give Cancer the Finger"! All you have to do to participate is upload a picture of you (or a group of people) giving cancer the finger. 
"Nudity. Well, it is our theme! But we got some rules. Of course we prefer if you show some skin, but you can't show any more than you'd see in an issue of a magazine. You can *imply* that you're naked. So feel free to wear some textiles, go really lo-res, blur, use effects, or otherwise cover the bits and pieces."
Some of the Jopen staff joined in for this great cause! You can check out the picture of our staff along with many others in the BNakedB public gallery. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jopen & Bare Naked Bake Sale Partner for Fundraising Events

We are partnering with Bare Naked Bake Sale (BNakedB), an organization that raises money and awareness for charitable causes. Vanity items will be awarded to attendees during the BNakedB Bake-Off and Burlesque Fundraiser tonight, at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, in New York City.  Doors open at 6:30pm.
The event features a bakeoff, a full burlesque show, a photo opportunity with performers, and a raffle featuring a Vanity product.  All of the net proceeds will benefit Pink Jams! and The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund for the Give Cancer the Finger and Heroes fundraising campaigns.

In addition to providing a sponsorship donation for this, and upcoming fundraisers, we will support BNakedB’s online fundraising campaigns. We will help spread the word and promote BNakedB through various social media outlets and communities.Help us raise awareness for this amazing cause.

BNakedB merges activism and the arts with the naked form to create photo galleries of men and women who bare all, or bare some, of their bodies.  The body-positive nude photos are used to raise money for charities, art projects, and causes.  People interested in donating a photo to BNakedB’s public gallery can visit the organization’s Facebook page.

For more information about BNakedB and the Bake-Off and Burlesque Fundraiser, visit

Intensity Insider Winner

A big Congratulations to K. Jackson from Virginia.  She was the Intensity Insider randomly selected on February first to win a free Intensity.  Additionally, due to the overwhelming response, we will give away another Intensity to an Insider in May.

Upon hearing she won, Ms. Jackson replied, “That’s fantastic!  I’m so excited to have won.  Thank you!”

The Intensity Insider Program is an online resource designed to empower and educate women about various aspects of sexual wellness which are sometimes not openly discussed.  Individuals who sign up to become Intensity Insiders receive information, special offers, and are eligible to win a free Intensity.  For more information and to register, please visit You could be the next winner!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sexual Health focused company Holistic Wisdom Reivews Intensity

The sexual health focused company Holistic Wisdom gives Intensity 5 stars! 

"The Intensity by Jopen is a quadruple stimulating pleasure toy and is one of the most advanced sex toys for women available. It not only provides both gspot and clitoral stimulation, but it also adjusts through an inflatable shaft to fit the preferred size and provides stimulation that exercises the pelvic floor muscles (A.K.A. Kegel muscles). 
The focus of exercising the Kegel muscles is to help women not only achieve orgasms but to make them more intense. It provides dual vibrating massagers along with the two dual stimulation pads and offers five speeds."

With a focus on sexual health and sexual empowerment Holistic Wisdom highlighted the health benefits of Intensity.

"The Intensity by Jopen offers a form of Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy (BEST), also known as micro current electro therapy (MET), which delivers small amounts of current to the body. It is used with this product to enhance strength of the Kegel muscles while intensifying sexual pleasure and reducing pain ... "

To read more of the review please check out their website now!  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sexinfo 101 reviews the Intensity

The popular blog site reviewed the Intensity. At first the reviewer was a little hesitant (as some are when it comes to a new type of sex toy) but once they began using the product they were hooked.

"The experience was - much to my disbelief - absolutely and unequivocally pleasurable, leaving me convinced that the Intensity truly lives up to its promises..."

The reviewer also states "its features are unlike anything we’ve seen thus far. We rate it a 9/10."

To see the entire review be sure to check out the Sexinfo 101 website!