Wednesday, August 13, 2014

5 Star Rating for the ENVY Six

The Sex Toy Testers gave the ENVY Six 5 stars! Here are a few comments made by the two testers:
The product lived up to all expectations, the look and feel of the device was quality. It was made of a great feeling material and was not too big or small.
 The product was a big hit and worked and felt really good. 
 The Envy by Jopen Six is great as couples fun toy. It serves very well as a vaginal simulator as well as clitoral one. And switching between the insensitivity of both is great fun. 
Simply great! Quiet, discrete, delicate when it needs to be and powerful at the same time.
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Lust L6

The LUST by JOPEN L6 is a unique product that can be used in many different ways and our friend at wants to tell you all about it!
What immediately caught my attention about the  Jopen Lust was the toys all have a super sleek, organically shaped look to them…and they come in fresh, leafy green (as well as the
standard pink and purple)! Yes, green! The toy that grabbed my curiosity right away was the leaf-like Jopen Lust L6.
if you want to experiment with a bunch of different sensations (tickling! teasing! backdoor action!) the Jopen Lust L6 a gorgeous and versatile option; and definitely a fun one if you really want to experiment with new things during foreplay.
To get all her tips on experimenting with the L6 check out the blog on

Monday, August 4, 2014

Have a Ball and Enhance Romance!

Our friends at know that kegels are important for sexual health and have found a new friend in the Key by JOPEN Stella II.
You can find Kegel Balls everywhere, but a brand we know and love is KEY by JOPEN. They have several different kinds of Kegel balls. We think a good set for everyone is the new Stella II. These kegel balls are beautifully done, wrapped in body safe silicone...
It is amazing that something so simple and easy can do so much to enhance romance and overall health.
Learn more about the Key by JOPEN Stella II and why kegel exercises are good for you on

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Favorite Toy- LUST L17 by JOPEN

This review believes the LUST by JOPEN L17 is the perfect toy!
It's rechargeable, waterproof, easy to clean, no weird smell, deep rumbles that will have you screaming the Lust's praises in minutes. Quiet, especially for the power it's packing. Literally, 0 complaints, Jopen may have made the perfect toy.
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Rave Reviews for Key by JOPEN Comet II

The Sex Toy Testers have reviewed the Key by JOPEN Comet II and given it their seal of approval with a glowing 'Top Rated Item' review rating. is just a few things these reviewers had to say:
"when you like something, you just want to do it again and again!!!!"

"I think I'm quite addicted to this."

"Definitely turned me on for sex, had plenty of orgasms during and after use. Really got me going with the different speeds, great feeling."
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Introducing Envy By Jopen: Part One

Are you ready to take hold of modern luxury with a sleek, sensual and sophisticated product designed for your pleasure?

Allow me to introduce you to Envy by Jopen the Embodiment of Beauty and pleasurable design.

Thought I'd do a blog series exploring how you can optimize your pleasure either solo or with your lover using the Envy line of pleasure enhancing products!

What makes Envy so different?

  1. All of these massagers are Made of premium silicone with a seamless satin finish- in other words, they are soft and silky to the touch and made with body safe, high quality materials
  2. They charge completely in 2 and half hours- simply charge in the morning and you are ready for an afternoon of play!
  3. They are 100% waterproof and come with a one year warranty- play in the shower and rest assured that your investment in your pleasure is secure
  4. And they are powered by PowerBullet, which means that they can provide some intense vibration. People say they are the most powerful re-chargeable vibrator around!
  5. The Envy line has a Memory Chip which allows you to pause and start where you left off!
  6. How do you know which Envy product is right for you?
Throughout this series I will let you in on some of the great features of these products, the pleasure they may provide you and some how to inspiration for using them.

Take the time to educate yourself as it will inspire you and you will get the most out of your investment.   Ultimately it comes down to the result that you want.

Do you want stronger pelvic floor muscles, hence stronger orgasms?

Do you want a great experience with a partner, something that will bring you closer together?

Are you looking for something with a lot of power?

Are you training your body for combined clitoral and g-spot orgasms?

Are you looking only for clitoral stimulation?  Or something to use during intercourse?

Take a moment right now and make two columns.  On one side list all of the must haves.  List the type of material you want, type of vibration or pulsation, and the results that you are looking for.  In the other column list things that are not absolute musts but are things that would also be nice to have in the product you are investing in.

As you watch this series, put the number of the product next to things on your list that it meets.

And as you do this keep in mind that when it comes to sex there is some much that you don’t know that you don’t know.  If you new to pleasure you may just want to try everything in order to mine what really is possible.

Okay, let’s dive in.  In blog number two I’m going to share with you two powerful products for playing with your partner (and of course you and use them alone too).  In three a thrilling and pleasurable product that just might take your orgasms to the next level.  And in  four some power products for combined pleasure. Keep watching over this week.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review- Essence by Jopen Relaxer

The Product Testers at Sex Toy Testers have completed their reviews of Essence by Jopen - Relaxer Luxury Anal Lubricant. They have given Essence Relaxer a 4 out of 5 rating.

Check out the reviews online and find out why the Testers though the Relaxer Luxury Anal Lubricant was so brilliant and why you should try it for yourself.

Find out more about the Essence collection on

Friday, June 13, 2014

3 Tantalizing Tools That Will Unlock His Pleasure This Father’s Day!

What do guys want on Father’s Day? Well, besides a relaxing day with the family, letting go of the cares of work and pressure, he wants some nurturing and an exciting connection with his significant other! Why not gift him with your body, mind and soul - and a new exciting play toy in the bedroom?

Here are my Top 3 Product Picks from Jopen’s Ego line that will surprise him this Father’s Day:

1. The e4

If your guy is ready for some vibrating prostate pleasure, this product is a must! It’s an easy to insert prostate stimulator that feels great for him while you are having intercourse. Because it vibrates, it turns his penis into a vibrator too! Pleasure for both of you - now who can beat that?

2. The e1

For a stimulating treat, why not try a love ring? Love rings go around the penis and may aid in achieving a firmer erection, making him feel like a king! Plus, they are a perfect couple’s enjoyment enhancer, because you get clitoral stimulation during intercourse. The e1 is a great one to start with. Or check out the e2 and e3 for other love ring options.

3. The e5

This prostate stimulator is rechargeable, whisper quiet and waterproof! Imagine giving him a bath or shower and using this vibrating wonder to massage him all over. It isn’t only for prostates! Men have a whole body to explore. Why not use it to relax his hard working muscles and pleasure his nether regions too!

I love that the Jopen Ego line is made from high quality silicone. The products are rechargeable, which means no batteries to throw away, and they deliver some wonderful pleasure that brings more connection and spice to your love life. Gift him with one this Father’s Day; it’s bound to bring a smile to his face!

Written by: Jaiya is an award-winning Somatic Sexologist, author of Red Hot Touch and Blow Each Other Away, founder of New World Sex Education and a California Exotic Novelties’ Expert Sexpert. She can be found at and on

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lust L11 - It’s an Object of Lust & Desire

Leather's and Lace from just received the Lust L11 and here is what they had to say about it:
Butt: it’s an object of Lust and Desire. Yes, for some, it truly is.

Today We’re reviewing the Lust by Jopen model L-11 –a vibrating plug or “butt plug.” This can be used in the vagina too, but it is shaped for function as a unique and very elegant anal pleasure object. Now, this is something that is not for everyone, we admit, but for those who find anal play exciting and who have a bit of experience with it, the Lust L-11 by Jopen is going to bring new desire and “lust” to their days and nights, for sure.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day Must Haves

Sunny Megatron gives us her top for picks for Mother's Day!
Whether you are a mother yourself or the special honey in your life is a hard working mom, the perfect Mother’s Day gift might just be a vibrating gift that keeps on giving. My favorite pick? Luxury toys from Jopen.
Jopen toys are awesome for moms looking to get in a little “me time.” They are waterproof which is essential for those extra long showers. Whisper quiet-- a necessity when living in close proximity to little ears. Lastly, Jopen is one of the few luxury toy brands that offers an easy-off mechanism. No more holding down the power button for four eternally long seconds when you suddenly hear the pitter-patter of little feet outside your bedroom door. One quick press of the button shuts the toy off before your little sweethearts unexpectedly come bursting in.
Here are my Favorite Four Mother’s Day Gift Picks from Jopen:
This is an incredibly powerful external vibrator that has quickly become a favorite. I love it so much, I dedicated a youtube video to it!
2. Key by Jopen Comet II
I have long been a huge fan of the original Comet. The original Comet is a hand held toy that has, in my and many other sex educators opinion, the best type of shape for g-spot play. Jopen recently upped the ante with this improved version that now vibrates. It has that same classic curve but the added vibrations make it versatile enough to use as a tool to induce female ejaculation, for vibrating g-spot play, or as an external vibrator.
3. Envy by Jopen Seven
One of the things I love about Jopen products is that their vibrations are incredibly strong. The Envy Seven takes strong to a whole new level! It features two independently controlled motors, one in the shaft and the other in the clitoral arm. Similar to a “rabbit” style vibrator, the Seven blows me away every time. Also, because it’s so powerful, it tends to blow me away very quickly which can be a good thing. Time is precious for busy mothers!
4. Ego by Jopen e3
As a mom, not only is alone time difficult to come by, finding couples time is even more challenging. Although my picks so far can be used alone or by couples, this next one was made specifically with connected couples play in mind. The Ego E3 is powerful vibrating penis ring worn during intercourse and designed to give pleasure to both people wearing it. I love using vibrating penis rings with my partner because not only does it feel incredible for both of us, it adds a little something new without great effort or imagination on either of our parts. Being we’re both tired parents, we welcome anything that helps in the creativity department!
You know one of the best things about all of these products is? None of them require batteries. This is a godsend for busy, frazzled moms. Just recharge via wall outlet or USB and the toy is ready to rock. As always, all Jopen products are made from hypoallergenic, non-porous, silky smooth premium silicone which is essential for keeping mom’s body happy and healthy.  
Although Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to give the gift of ultimate relaxation, it’s definitely not the only time when it’s appreciated. Mothering is a tough, 365 day a year, 24 hour a day job. Sometimes the special partner in your life who is a mom needs to take a quick *wink* nap or a *cough cough* really long shower simply because it’s been a particularly difficult Tuesday. Tools that make those “naps” and “long showers” even more rewarding are a blessing no matter what day of the year it is.
Check out more from Sunny on and learn more about JOPEN products on our website

Monday, April 28, 2014

Lust by Jopen

This reviewer received the Lust L6 just in time for spring!
I’ve used it a couple times, and LOVE it! It’s super quiet, virtually silent when used under the blankets, easy to turn on and off, the buttons are conveniently located, very streamlined and user-friendly. It doesn’t take long to charge, and can be used for two hours. Best of all, it’s very sensual and effective.

Check out what else this reviewer had to say on her website now.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Is it Love or LUST? LUST™ L1 Review

LUSTâ„¢ L1 
This month, as Jopen Reviewers, we were sent another great product to review. Just a reminder, each product is rated, by our testers (2 couples), using The Love Bird’s Feathers Rating Scale™:

1= “Not so hot” to


“The hotter the product is, the more feathers it will take to cool you off!”

The new product we received is called LUST™ L1. LUST™ BY JOPEN® represents power, performance and passion. Setting new levels of intimacy with innovative designs, premium Silicone and 21st century technology.

You’re going to fall in love, or at least in deep lust, with this little handheld, “goes anywhere” massager. The LUST™ L1 is a whisper quiet, personal massager that has 2 plump, bunny-like ears that vibrate which is perfect for clitoral stimulation. However, it is virtually seamless which means you can use the whole massager on the labia to create intense feelings of pleasure. It is made of Premium Silicone, which maintains and retains body heat, and has a soft, satin finish. It is 5.75 inches long and 1.75 inches wide.

The LUST™ L1 has an auto on/off button with an LED indicator light. It comes locked from the factory, so you simply push the button rapidly 3 times to unlock the massager. To activate the vibration, you simply hold the button until you reach the desired intensity and the LED light will glow. To shut it off, push the button once and the LED light will turn off. And it has a cool travel lock feature. So when you’re traveling, you can lock the massager by pushing the button 3 times. That way, the massager doesn’t accidently turn on! It comes with easy to follow operating instructions.

The LUST™ L1 comes partially charged from the factory, so you will want to fully charge it before your first use. It is USB rechargeable which means you do not need batteries! It comes with a universal USB charging cord that works with most computers or smart phone wall chargers so you can charge this massager when you’re on the go. It has a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that completely charges in 2.5 hours. The intense, incremental speed control will give you 1 hour of battery life on high speed and 5 hours on low.

The LUST™ L1 comes in 3 colors: green, purple and pink (like shown here). It is unscented, non-porous, hypoallergenic and 100% waterproof, which provides lots of thrills in and out of the shower! However, you do NOT want to charge this massager near water. Always use a water-based lubricant with this vibrator. It cleans easily with soap and water or, like we recommend, a sex toy cleaner. Remember to wash the LUST™ L1 before and after each use. It has a 1 year warranty and comes with in a sturdy box which is great for storage.

So, how did our testers rate the LUST™ L1? Watch the video below to find out!

Written By: The Love Birds are Drs. Chuck and Jo-Ann Bird, Board Certified Clinical Sexologists, Relationship Counselors, and CalExotics Expert Sexperts. Find them at and on

Friday, March 21, 2014

Beautiful LUST™ L6 - Full Female Genital Pleasure

It's petals unfold like a flower opening in the sun, waiting to wrap their longing arms around your pleasure parts; desiring to flick and tease as their center dives gently into your goddess spot, puling with passion as you rise like a bod and blossom into ecstasy.

The L6 inspired some poetry in me this morning! Let me tell you what my body loved about theL6 by Jopen®. 1) It's pretty, and I like pretty toys. 2) It's rechargeable. I like things that don't require batteries. 3) It has a variety of functions which keep the sensual play creative and fun! Those were 3 reasons enough to fall in love with the L6. But there's more. It's made of silky soft silicone, so it feels lovely and is body safe.

Here are a few tips when it comes to playing with the L6:

  • Tickling Your Labia: Turn the L6 sideways and use the ends of the petals with high, steady vibration to play with and warm up your outer and inner labia.
  • Play The Clit: Use the very tippy tip of one petal to stimulate your clitoris. Add a bit of lubricant and let the tip flick your clit with pulsation and teasing vibration.
  • Engulf Your Pelvic Floor: With one petal on top and the other petal below, the lovely shaped center entering your vaginal cavity, you can engulf your entire pelvic floor in vibration sensation!
  • In and Out: Play with pulling the center of the L6 in and out of you as the petals play on your nether regions.
  • Add a Finger: When playing, I wanted more pressure on my clitoris, so I snuck a finger under the top petal and went to town. This did the trick for me and brought me into orgasm. Try it! You might like, as well, if deeper clitoral sensation is what you crave.
The Jopen® L6 is beautiful and may help you blossom into new depths of creative sensation play!

Click Here to see video.

Club CalExotics Expert Sexpert, JAIYA ~ Award-Winning Sexologist, Filmmaker and Author of RED HOT TOUCHBlow Each Other AwayOral Sex For Couples and other Educational Resources to assist you in unleashing and living your erotic potential. Look for Jaiya's new book Cuffed, Tied and Satisfied, to be released in June of 2014!

Monday, February 3, 2014

They say form follows function. At JOPEN, where from and function align, everyone follows ENVY.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Key by JOPEN Ceres Original Vibrator Review

The reviewer at knows her stuff. See what she had to say about the Key by JOPEN Ceres Original.

Overall, the Key Ceres Original vibrator is surprisingly impressive. The vibrations are strong and rumbly (though they could always use a bit of a power boost), and the shape and design of the vibrator lends itself well to both internal and external stimulation. It’s easy to control this silicone vibrator, and the batteries go in and out really well. The silicone feels so luxurious and perfect against the skin, and the rigid design works so well for transferring the vibrations. Really, aside from a slight boost in power that I’d like to see, there’s nothing stopping me from fully endorsing this one. If you think it’s for you, I definitely say you should go for it. 
Read her full review here

Friday, January 3, 2014

The Best Standard Style Vibrator

Our Friend at knows her stuff when it comes to vibrators and she thinks the Vela is the best standard vibe she has!

I love this Vela, its the best standard style vibrator/massager I have, the vibrations are sensuously rumbly with some extra kick...yesss! Most normal vibes are fairly slim in girth so I was excited to try the Vela because it has a perfect girth for me. I love toys from 1.70 - 2.0 inches wide and this feels amazing.

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