Friday, May 18, 2012

An inside look at the Vanity by Jopen Vr1

Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.

As you enjoy the spring weather and spend more time outdoors, you may be reminded that summer is just around the corner! For many people, this is a time to start up a new fitness routine. The anticipation of bikini season can be just the motivation a person needs to get back to a healthy diet and exercise program.

We know that exercise has numerous benefits, from improving your cardiovascular heath to developing a more attractive physique. But what about your sexual health? Can you also improve your sexual health through exercise? You will be excited to learn that the answer is indeed yes!

The PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) is a muscle that is essential to sexual health. It is a hammock-like muscle that supports the pelvic organs. Exercises of the PC muscles or "Kegels" can strengthen these muscles.  Stronger PC muscles can also increase sexual pleasure.

Like other muscles in the body, the PC muscles benefit from regular exercise. Kegel exercises strengthen PC muscles through a series of voluntary contractions. Many women attempt Kegel exercises with a ball or weighted exerciser, but aren't sure exactly how to do them or if they are doing them correctly.

You may be familiar with the revolutionary Intensity, which is an innovative and technologically advanced Kegel exerciser. However, you may not know about the Vr1, whose unique shape makes it an ideal Kegel exerciser and a truly versatile stimulator. Vr1 has "Squeeze Me" technology to let you know if you are squeezing the right muscles when you do your Kegel exercises! The Vr1 it is waterproof, whisper-quiet and made of premium silicone that maintains and retains body heat. It is unscented, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and has a satin finish.

When you turn on the Vr1, it is in Exercise Mode, which means you have to squeeze it to make it vibrate.  This is a great way to explore your PC muscles because the harder Vr1 is squeezed, the more intense the vibration. Receiving some positive feedback from your Kegel exerciser is a unique feature and a great way to make sure you are going your exercises correctly.

To take the Vr1 out of Exercise Mode and enjoy continuous vibrations on Pleasure Mode, just squeeze the pleasure sensitive area until the desired speed is reached, then press the lock button for one second.  During Pleasure Mode, the Vr1 can be used for external stimulation.

We know that sexual health is an important part of overall quality of life.  In fact, numerous studies have shown that women who report a satisfactory sex life also report a higher level of overall happiness. Every woman can benefit from a Kegel exerciser and you may want to consider adding Vr1 to your collection of luxury toys.

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