Monday, March 25, 2013

The Best Bunny Around

The reviewer at lovers her Rabbit vibes and the Vanity Vr12 is her favorite!
I'm over the moon to have the opportunity to try this luxury bunny. Just picking it up for the first time you know you have a product of outstanding quality, its got a fab weight behind it.
The ball base makes it easy to hold and control as your fingers sit ergonomically over the buttons to control the speed and motors easily, the base and actual comfortable weight of this bunny makes it perfect as a thrusting toy for those that prefer to, that way the ridges on the upperside of the shaft stimulate the inside of the vagina well.

I needed a little of my favorite lube (premier Aqua gel by Give Lube)  only waterbased lubes should ever be used on this toy. The silicone despite being so smooth and not as grippy as other toys it is quite a dust magnet and needs a wipe before every use. This silicone is so soft and luxurious it warms immediately to the touch. 
The shaft is firm and cannot flex in anyway, only very slightly at the head. The clitoral arm however will flex backwards and forward to allow you to bend it comfortably against you.

I found the tapered head inserted easily and the shaft and clit arm fitted my body well.  I cannot actually feel these ridges on the shaft sadly, but I usually do struggle to feel textures unless they are extremely pronounced, but this is where the 3rd motor sits and I can certainly feel that, it feels fantastic.
When I found out the tip rotated I was slightly worried as I felt rotations are a little outdated on rabbits...oh my how wrong was I. The rotations feel incredible and the firm silicone shaft makes it press in all the right spots inside and hits my G-spot well. The combination of the rotations and the extremely powerful vibrations gives me intense orgasms, wow this is a super strong bunny.
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