Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gorgeous Couples Ring

Our friend at was very eager to try the Ego e3 by JOPEN
I was asked by Jopen if I would like to review one of their new Ego range for men, of course I jumped at the chance as I know how much I love Jopen's luxury rabbits, so I wanted my man to feel that quality too.
My point of view
This is a lovely wide ring for me to get great clit stimulation due to its wider surface area, its also lovely and firm for me to sit against, I could really feel it against me. Alot of rings are way too squidgy for me. This firm silicone shell design is perfect for us girls to get a wider stimulation.
Riding my man in cowgirl position I came in minutes, so fast wow this felt amazing and I could also spin it round to stimulate my anus and my OH testicles too, because of the shell shape and extra size compared to most couples rings it stimulated so much more of us both. 
I found rocking against him in cowgirl gave the best stimulation and fastest orgasm for me.
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