Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ego e4 Review

The sexually empowered site HolisticWisdom.com reviewed the Ego e4 prostate massager.
My wife has a Jopen Vr12 and it is one of her favorite sex toys ever. Considering the collection we have that is saying a great deal. I was interested in the new Jopen products for men so I decided to give the Ego E4 a try as prostate massage has been a healthy and pleasurable addition and certainly is the luxury product it claims to be. I enjoyed the handle feature and found using it both in the shower and in the bedroom easy on my own and enjoyed when my wife used it on me in a variety of sexual positions. The size is not overwhelming and would be good for a beginner or experienced user. The Ego E4 will definitely give other prostate massagers a run for their money. 
To learn more about the Ego e4 be sure to visit HolisticWisdom.com

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