Monday, July 1, 2013

The Coment is Highly Recommended

Our friends from Erotic Scribes highly recommend the Comet!
Upon picking it up, I was impressed with the nice feel of the silicone handle (it’s actually made from Sin-Etsu silicone, a brand that’s used in healthcare and aerospace), as well as the very elegant design lines and weight balance.  So, off to work I went!

As it is a glass wand, I didn’t use any lubricant and this guy slide right in with absolutely no drag, and due to the well thought out and tested design, almost instantly found it’s natural position to rest against my often illusive G-Spot.  My most positive experience was that as it is not a vibrating gadget with complex controls, I had the almost Luddite thrill of a “no tech” ride on my G-Spot that did the trick very quickly and left me feeling breathlessly in control of the entire operation!
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