Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Ceres Will Blow Your Mind

The sex toy & adult product reviewer at Boobaloo's review loved the Ceres Lace.
I personally really liked the constant high vibration of this toy, when used internally it is more than powerful enough to blow your mind, and that texture from the pattern on the silicone has to have its own special mention.
 I have never tried or seen a toy that is textured in quite the same way as this one. It has raised silicone criss crosses all the way around and it shaped to be slightly larger and more bulbous towards the head. These criss crosses feel like nothing I have ever used, I have tried textured toys in the past and you can always sort of feel a difference but its not big enough to have it make a real difference to the toy, these ribs though they feel really good. In fact turn the vibrations off, forget that it vibrates for a minute and just use it as a dildo and then you will really feel just how good these ribs are.
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