Monday, June 4, 2012

This Aussie Loves her Intensity... Part 2

You remember our Aussie friend, the who is having those earth shattering orgasms thanks to the Intensity! Well she is back with even more to say...

"Just a quick update on my Intensity program. I used to go out to work or shopping and have to catch the train home and of course I would be busting to go to the toilet after holding it in all the way home.
I would be lucky to get the key into the front door before doing a marathon run through the house throwing the contents of my day and handbag along the way, lucky not to trip over a hungry cat and just hoping that I was not wearing some complicated outfit that could not get off by the time I made it to the loo!
Sometimes you just don't make it on time, I am lucky it hasn't happened in public but I know women out there who have experienced this and it's not pleasant.
After my exercise program with the Intensity, every second or third day I have had excellent results. NOW, I take my time and collect the mail, say hi to the neighbors, walk not run to the front door, pet the cat and leisurely stroll to the lav. 
All thanks to using the Intensity for only a few weeks, it has completely blown me away!
Well done to you and the Jopen team for producing a product by women for women that will no doubt change everyday life for so many."
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