Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get the Toe Curling, Lip Biting, Sheet Gripping Orgasm You’ve been Looking For

Erotic Scribes blog, written by women for women, was very impressed by the Intensity.

"I was impressed and intrigued by the claims. Was this a mutant kegel exerciser. I had always hated doing those exercises and the thought of having something do it for me with an incredible orgasm at the end, honestly tickled my fancy. Needless to say, I was very excited, no pun intended, when my boss handed me an Intensity unit (made by Jopen) to take home and explore for a weekend. I gleefully took the bag from her hand and headed out the door..."

"This toy is unique. It’s basically a E.S. Unit (Electro Stim) along with a whole bunch of bells and whistles. Such as a Clitoral Stimulation device with five levels of vibration. Much like the old fashioned Rabbit that we all know and love. There is also a G Spot stimulator. One of the most unique aspects of the Intensity unit is that the shaft inflates to fit you. As they say, we are not all built the same, this feature is one of my personal favorites as it’s like a custom built sex toy just for me. The electrodes create “micro currents” that stimulate, tighten and tone your vaginal muscles (pelvic floor), hence improving the intensity and duration of your orgasms. This motion also helps work your kegel muscles. Except, instead of you doing the work, the unit does it for you.
The unit itself is very easy to use, even with all the different levels of stimulation and customization. One thing you want to be aware of, is not to turn it on outside of the vagina. Insert the unit and inflate until it feels comfortable and then turn it on..."

The reviewer goes on to say " All in all it’s very ergonomic and probably one of the best designed pleasure products I’ve ever reviewed. This device does the job of at least three different toys, all wrapped up in a sleek and tasteful design that I personally love. So, does it do the job it claims, you betcha it does. So don’t be intimidated by it, just enjoy it!"

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