Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stella II by JOPEN- The Perfect Fit

This reviewer is a mother of two and is very concerned about the strength of her pelvic muscle. Check out how she used the Stella II ...
"For my the first trial, I wore the weight while walking around performing regular housework for a duration of approximately 2 hours.  I would vary between repetitive clench & release kegel exercises and counted clench & hold exercises sandwiched by periods of rest.  At the end of the two hour period, I could feel the soreness in the muscle
and felt the weight had definitely done its job for the day.

For the second trial, I again wore the weight during housework.  Due to a family outing, I had to shorten the period of wear, so I simply performed only the repetitive clench and release exercises.  Roughly a half-hour later, I felt tightness in the muscle and decided to call it quits."
 So what was the final verdict? Read the entire review now to find out! 

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