Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vanity Vr8

Our friend at the Dinah Project has a lot of experience with the Vanity line. Today she will share her thoughts on the Vanity Vr8:

"Within the Vanity family there is a vibrator for everyone. Well, for everyone with good taste and the will to invest in it. Number 8 is one of those styles that may not clearly be for everyone, but it sure will find its lucky partners who have special wants and needs and few good options.

A simple looking shaft, you’ll be surprised to find that this has double the pop. The Vr8 vibrates from both sides – top and bottom, each with separate motors. The smaller end, which somehow appears to be the top, has a rounded head on a very slim neck. It is great for reaching small spots like the clitoris and labia. With the slight curve it can also be used for G-spot massage. The head is slightly flexible."

Want to know more? Read the entire review of the Vanity Vr8 on

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