Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sexual Health focused company Holistic Wisdom Reivews Intensity

The sexual health focused company Holistic Wisdom gives Intensity 5 stars! 

"The Intensity by Jopen is a quadruple stimulating pleasure toy and is one of the most advanced sex toys for women available. It not only provides both gspot and clitoral stimulation, but it also adjusts through an inflatable shaft to fit the preferred size and provides stimulation that exercises the pelvic floor muscles (A.K.A. Kegel muscles). 
The focus of exercising the Kegel muscles is to help women not only achieve orgasms but to make them more intense. It provides dual vibrating massagers along with the two dual stimulation pads and offers five speeds."

With a focus on sexual health and sexual empowerment Holistic Wisdom highlighted the health benefits of Intensity.

"The Intensity by Jopen offers a form of Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy (BEST), also known as micro current electro therapy (MET), which delivers small amounts of current to the body. It is used with this product to enhance strength of the Kegel muscles while intensifying sexual pleasure and reducing pain ... "

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