Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dazzled by the Ceres Lace

A customer from was very impressed with the Ceres Lace.
I was really excited to try the Ceres Lace and was not disappointed. The size was quite pleasing. The vibration is moderate which is perfect for me as I do not like overpowering vibrators. The texture feels great and the handles is very comfortable to hold. I really could not get over how beautiful it looked once it came to me in the mail. When I opened the well wrapped contents I was just so impressed and dazzled by it. I used it on my nipples and clitoris to get warmed up and then used it to thrust in and out to stimulate my gspot. I was able to orgasm quickly and then again and again. I really enjoyed the Ceres Lace and would recommend it for women that want something that has a nice average size. 
Heather - Newark, DE
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