Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fall in Love with Comet

Mistress Kay, from, has had her fair share of G-Spot toys. When she began using the Key by JOPEN Comet she fell in love.

So about use? I’m in LOVE! I normally have a difficult g-spot to reach, but the Key Comet G does it absolutely amazingly! AMAZING I SAY! Like, it takes all the words out of my mouth for what to say about it. I was afraid that the silicone would be too draggy and make me hate it, but the silicone material is slick, smooth, and glides against the skin which means I don’t have to use half a bottle of lubricant or reapply lubricant often.
And it HITS MY G-SPOT! That’s a problem with most toys. They never do. The Key Comet G DOES!
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